Directory of Memorial Events & Photos

Memorial photos are taken every year during the annual program and ceremony by David & Ben Hall, the official ceremony photographers and we post many of those photos on this site, as listed in the menu to the left designated by the year.

Photos from the ceremonies are assembled in the format of a slide show and the slide change every 10 seconds. Captions are also included. The best way to view the slide show is with your browser window opened to maximum size by hitting the "F11" key. To return back to you normal size window, hit the "F11" key again.

We also have a number of photos contributed by other local photographers taken at various times during past years, posted here since the memorial was created in the 1990s.

Due to deteriorating conditions over the years, reconstruction was started and completed in late 2008, which will insure preservation of the memorial for many years to come. This was able to happen, due to the generous donations by citizens, the village of Plover, and the state of Wisconsin.