Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Memorial Located?

Take Exit 153 off I-39/US51 at Plover.  Turn west onto CTH B.  At the FIRST set of traffic lights, turn left onto Village Park Drive (new road).  A left turn at the end of this road will bring you onto Maple Drive (another new road) which runs parallel to the northern border of the park in which the Memorial is located.

How can I order a memorial tile in memory of someone?

A Tile order form is available from this website. The document can be downloaded in an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF (Portable Document Format). You must have the Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer to make use of this form. With Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or newer, you can fill in the document with your computer, then print it out on your printer.

Once the form is completed, mail it along with your donation to the address listed on the top of the form. To get a form, click on the Tile Orders button in the menu to left.

Are there any special programs run at the Memorial?

Yes, each year on the first Sunday of June a special memorial program is held. Several veterans groups from around the area participate. We also invite State and Federal Representatives, Military personnel, DVA Personnel, and Korean Representatives to attend.

This annual Memorial event is open to all and we encourage your participation.

I heard about a book that was published about Wisconsin Veterans that served in the Korean War. Where can I locate a copy of that book?

The book is available through the Wisconsin Veterans Museum titled "Wisconsin Korean War Stories" - For more information on the book on the book's graphic below the site menu.

I have a grandfather that served in Korea. How can I obtain information regarding his military service?

We cannot provide this information. However, you may be able to obtain information from the National Records Office in St. Louis, MO. To do so you will need to complete a form SF-180 provided by the National Records Office, complete all the information requested and send the form to them for processing. Click on this link to get the form - Military Records Request

Where can I get more information about the memorial or tile ordering?

You can write to the Memorial Association at the address below or click on the email link at the top of this page.

Wisconsin Korean War Memorial Information
Attn: Dan Mahoney
P.O. Box 37
Plover, WI  54467