The Gateway to the Isle of Honor

The Isle of Honor Monument

Upon passing through the gateway, there is a short walk up the "Isle of Honor" to the Memorial. On a summer's day, area youth can be seen fishing along the shoreline. Ordinance prohibits fishing from the causeway or from the Memorial Island itself.

Park walkway

Behind the Memorial walls is a small park with tables so you can relax and enjoy  nature's peacefulness and beauty. There are often times when you will spot a Bald Eagle soaring about or a group of ducklings following their mother around the lake.

The Main Wall

Korean War Memorial Wall Monument Photo

This is the face of the Main Wall as you enter the Memorial.  On the reverse side of the Main Wall are Memorial Tiles.  This wall filled up with tiles shortly after the dedication, which prompted construction of an additional two walls.  Over the years, several tiles have been added; the second wall was filled completely in 2003, and as of 2021, only one side of the third wall remains open.

Three Walls

Only predestrian traffic is allowed on the causeway and island.  Local ordinances prohibit activities such as fishing, swimming, bicycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, sports activities and viewing of fireworks from the Memorial.


The Statues

Veterans Memorial Statuary Photograph

The Memorial Statuary are composed of five larger-than-life figures.  A Nurse leads the group, because without the dedication, compassion, and bravery of the Medics, many would not have returned.

Following the Nurse are Army and Marine Infantryman, because the Infantry bears the brunt of the battle.

Then comes the Air Force Pilot and a Sailor, without their support the battle would have soon been lost.

The statues face east, because Korea is in the Far East.  All five figures are touching; touching in brotherhood comes from battle.

There are no weapons on the Memorial - this is to confirm the veteran's wish for peace.  The five figures stand in memory of all veterans who service our state.


The Tiles

Sample Memorial Veteran Tile


As of 2021, there are over 770 Memorial Tiles on the walls.  Each tile has been purchased in honor or memory of loved ones who have served, died or are still Missing in Action as a result of the war. Tiles consist of names, ranks, dates of service, awards and accomplishments, pictures and special messages from friends and family members.  You can learn a lot about our service men and women from reading through all of the tiles that have accumulated over the years.